“Breaking free” – Orca’s wave of freedom

~ “You don’t got me”, said the little tiger cub ~

“Saving the Magnificent”

Bengal tiger

“Baby’s Journey”


“The Johnson Street Bridge”

Heritage or Heresy? Views of the *Blue Bridge* - Victoria Canada, November 2010


Re-orienting the stardard position, the bridge becomes a diamond

“Carnival barker” a.k.a. Tea Party Express, 2010

Is this a mockery or a marvel?

“Nature’s Bozanza”

...More than a fine world (without us)

“British Public-School Boy”

Destined for Harrow

“Solar Power”

...is the answer.

Say “No!” to Mountain-top-removal coal mining

Coal, coal, coal… it’s what it’s all about.

This is a depiction of “Blasting Rock”


“BP Spill: The Escapee”

BP Spill captured in art.

“Passage to the Aether”

Who’d have thought it would be this inviting…


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“Mystified Girl”

Of the 'Facebook' Generation

“Memory of El Rincon”

Good-day. That’s a lighthouse and well, one of my favourite paintings. Not sure why.  I painted it when I returned from Baya having spent 10 wonderful days in a place called El Rincon on the peninsula.  It’s virtually a desert area; definitely the real-outback of ‘Merico’ but, surrounding it, the warm Gulf-of-Mexico water. This piece is a scene in my mind’s eye. Near, Inn at Rincon where friends and I were staying.  Needless to say artistically my image is more fantasized than the reality. But yes, I did see that horse. My memory of the beauty of this part of the world — simply — incomparable.

“Cockatiel in eternity”

When I was a teenager my mother got me a bird, a cockatiel, for getting an A in biology. This painting is my memory of him.  I named him Pele. He gave me a lot of joy.

“Wild Horses Collide”


Painted with Acrylic in 2009. This is one of my favourites.  Hope you like it too.

“Oh, to be free”

Watercolour painting. My attempt at “pretty” art.

Bleak window view


“The Big Bang that never happened”


Oil on canvas. Didn’t really have a set concept in mind when I first painted this. I imagined this is what the Universe would be, what it could look like if I could see it as a super-being.  After a few years, I started to think; no, this was a painting of the thought-patterns inside my own head. Yah, that’s it.  More I thought of this, the more I was sure – that is what the piece is about. An abstract of ‘Fear’, ‘Sadness’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Inspiration’ ultimately.  So I made it the book cover of my book on Google, my “ah-ha” moment.


(1998) My Master of Arts ThesisMy Master of Arts Thesis at University of Victoria, The Silencing of Abortion Experiences: An Institutional Ethnography is based on Dorothy Smith’s writing and research methodologies. Departmental thesis-committee memberscan found easily enough (from the Faculty of Law, Department of Sociology, and Department of Women Studies) at UVic library, where the hard-copy orginal still sits.

 (2009) Research was then made into a book entitled, Abortion Rhetoric: the silence of experience   as a resource material for NGOs upon request

Below is the *Backstory*, a kind of Dedication , not able included needless to say in the usual way in the dedication section of a graduate thesis. It describes additional source information which you will not find in any Canadian newspaper! But which may help to explain…

The wind behind the sail

Behind my research inspiration

Dr. Brodribb is a Canadian political scientist who in the mid 1990’s at the University of Victoria was to become a political refugee for her teachings. In her own defence she formed the Chilly Climate Committee at UVIC.  The committee was also designed to protect and represent the students involved.  I was never a formal member of the CC committee. I was however unwittingly embroiled in the proceedings which flowed from the controversy, by simply virtue of the fact that in, 1993 from UBC where I was about to graduate in political science, I had showed an interest in becoming Masters student of Somer Brodribb’s.

Somer Brobribb is no longer a professor teaching at UVIC today (some short story writing of hers has appeared in Holland and there are a few references to London England, but for the most part she vanished from the scene). Whether it can be said she chose to leave UVic or was chased out is still an open question.  The impact of her legacy however is not disputed. What was her intellectual crime? Doubtless you’ll be curious enough to want to know having now read the above!

She was guilty of a style of teaching. Teaching—Resistance and Radical analysis!  And her *worst* crime was of course *teaching feminism*—as—*mainstream* discipline.  Oh boy, subversive, indeed.  Especially at THAT time in UVIC’s historical memory—amid the intellectual hegemony, which was securely in place in UVIC’s Political Science Department. As it pervaded its academic subculture; a sub-culture fuelled and backed—by the undisputed righteousness of the canon of Liberalism that basically said *Girls, the equality debate is over. Get over it!*!  Make no mistake about it, this rhetoric was all-pervasive. No one dare challenge it.

Ah, but Brodribb resisted and pushes back with a different view.  She says: *Nah-ah… it ain’t over! There’s more work to be done*.  And despite risk of  blowback (and no one at the time knew quite how bad it was going to be) she challenged the stranglehold.  She challenged precisely the stranglehold on what was deemed to be—*valid theory and research* that students were allowed to embark upon at a graduate-level, or be encouraged to study at an undergraduate level—pointedly in—The Political Science Department at UVIC!  A mainstream-discipline at UVIC which Somer Brodribb deemed for ripe for change!

But UVIC’s Political Science department subculture was such that it didn’t feel the same way. Oh no. It was not forthcoming in being prepared to accept; in any way happily, the critiques of feminism. Hell no. Hell would freeze over first. Because; Somer Brodribb was pushing and insisting on, that a good faith effort be made to not only reviewing the prominent books and ideas which were being featured and taught in the key Major Poli. Sci. courses but that departmental culture itself (and its treatment of women), be scrutinized.  Which, Brodribb argued; was influencing and shaping students’ research choices and opportunities. Somer Brodribb unapologetically encouraged female students to fight for the right to pursue de-marginalized scholarship on women’s causes at a graduate level! For this—she burned.



  To the students she led, in resisting

  Dr. Brodribb remains to us; someone who is thought to have great dignity.

  Someone who stuck fiercely with resistance-teaching despite the cost.

  A woman who wouldn’t be bullied by a System; someone who refused to sell out.

  Someone who instilled in others the confidence to do women-centered scholarship.

  Who gave me, personally, courage to complete feminist research on abortion;

  And who therefore will always remain a *sister* and warrior in our heart of hearts.


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Monster of Despair, Corruption and Greed


Who said chickens don’t have personality!

The essence of fear

What fear 'looks like' if you could see it with your eyes in meta-world

Friendship, Love and Truth – IOOF motto



What can happen to your life! A tornado can hit…


w/ hand-made wood frame (craftmanship & framed by DW)


This painting sits at the office of the ‘Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation’ (knwn as: GAA-FGM) located at UN Geneva headquarters campus in Geneva Switzerland. Opening was Sept 2011. Here  is the working group. I travelled to Geneva to honour the opening. To read my reporting, go to www.indydianewalsh.wordpress.com and click on ‘all publications’

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“Africa on my Mind”


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