“Breaking free” – Orca’s wave of freedom

~ “You don’t got me”, said the little tiger cub ~

“Saving the Magnificent”

Bengal tiger

“Baby’s Journey”


“The Johnson Street Bridge”

Heritage or Heresy? Views of the *Blue Bridge* – Victoria Canada, November 2010


Re-orienting the stardard position, the bridge becomes a diamond

The Johnson Street-Bridge_Blue Brige_by_Diane Walsh_(c) mediageode 2010

“Carnival barker” a.k.a. Tea Party Express, 2010

Is this a mockery or a marvel?

“Nature’s Bozanza”

...More than a fine world (without us)

“British Public-School Boy”

Destined for Harrow

“Solar Power”

...is the answer.

Say “No!” to Mountain-top-removal coal mining

Coal, coal, coal… it’s what it’s all about.

This is a depiction of “Blasting Rock”


“BP Spill: The Escapee”

BP Spill captured in art.

“Passage to the Aether”

Who’d have thought it would be this inviting…


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email: mediageode AT gmail DOT com

“Mystified Girl”

Of the 'Facebook' Generation

“Memory of El Rincon”

Good-day. That’s a lighthouse and well, one of my favourite paintings. Not sure why.  I painted it when I returned from Baya having spent 10 wonderful days in a place called El Rincon on the peninsula.  It’s virtually a desert area; definitely the real-outback of ‘Merico’ but, surrounding it, the warm Gulf-of-Mexico water. This piece is a scene in my mind’s eye. Near, Inn at Rincon where friends and I were staying.  Needless to say artistically my image is more fantasized than the reality. But yes, I did see that horse. My memory of the beauty of this part of the world — simply — incomparable.

“Cockatiel in eternity”

When I was a teenager my mother got me a bird, a cockatiel, for getting an A in biology. This painting is my memory of him.  I named him Pele. He gave me a lot of joy.

Wow, just found an old pic of my bird (Feb 20, 2015) looking through an old hard-drive. Sweet! My cockatiel name Pele, 1989Pele is the one on the left. The all grey-one was his girlfriend. :-)

“Wild Horses Collide”


Painted with Acrylic in 2009. This is one of my favourites.  Hope you like it too.

“Oh, to be free”

Watercolour painting. My attempt at “pretty” art.

The Gold Man of Antiquity – unspeakable vice

The Gold Man of Antiquity -  unspeakable

“B.C. salmon jumping”


Bleak window view


Monster of Despair, Corruption and Greed


Who said chickens don’t have personality!

The essence of fear

What fear 'looks like' if you could see it with your eyes in meta-world

Friendship, Love and Truth – IOOF motto



What can happen to your life! A tornado can hit…

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