Colour-consulting gigs

Another Creative Outlet:

I dabble as a Colour Consultant. Just a little side gig that I’ve called: ‘Colour Edit With Wallee’. To my own amazement I already successfully consulted on interior-design colour choices, including residential, non-profit, as well as a restaurant-decor setting. Gets me kind of excited, I have to say. So, if you need some assistance choosing colours for your house, apt, condo, commercial enterprise or community agency – and you like what you see on this blog – give me a  shout.  My rates are reasonable. You can peruse/study my art pieces to get a sense of ‘my use of colour’.  Warning: I’m quite daring! My art work has been featured on cafe walls and, funnily enough, has, itself, been the decor.  I have also helped new home buyers decide on their ‘intended’ decorative scheme as they begin to immerse themselves in sometimes, daunting renovation and, here, have frequently advised them on some good places to shop; pitfalls to avoid, and of course how to save money. I have an instinct about people and their environments – I specialize in being able to pick colours for rooms that often contain challenging ‘existing’ colours which may or may not be able to be changed for budgetary reasons. I work with – what’s there – in other words. I know how to ‘pull it together’, bring out the attractive features, and make the best use of the light and the furniture angles. I don’t just come in and tell you to change everything and charge a small fortune. I try to help my clients within a budget make the best possible choices to illuminate their rooms and their lives.  Don’t hesitate to contact me @ Colour Edit With Wallee

Contact me at my email: ~   EditWithWallee AT hotmail DOT com   ~ to arrange a meeting. Please note in-person consultation as well as over-the-internet colour consulting is available.  Paypal available, contact me here.

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This is an interesting article which gives extra legitimacy to the whole notion of the value of a colour consultant. I would say that, wouldn’t I! But seriously, it struck a chord because I’m an enthusiast and ‘a maven’ of Musee D’Orsay.  You may agree or disagree with why it’s important for private/commercial premises to give serious thought to the topic of colour enhancement for: art’s sake. In this article, the museum is displaying billions of dollars of value. The colour/lighting/setting is carefully studied.
If Feng shui is legitimate then wall colour must also be!  Blood red is the colour of our time.

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  1. Jackie said,

    October 22, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    What a great idea and way to use your artistic talents. When I’m decorating my home I’m going to send you photos so I can use your services.

    • DW said,

      November 14, 2011 at 4:59 pm

      Thanks Jackie. It’s great to get messages from as far away as Australia! The beauty of the net. I’ll look forward to that. I can do e-consulting based on photos, supplementals, etc. so yes it’s wonderful when people can take advantage of the over-the-internet colour-consulting option, like you say!

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